Professional Debt Collection Services

National Management Recovery Corporation, or NMRC, is a professional debt collection services provider with a proven track record of performance and a deep understanding of regulatory compliance. Our experienced team of executives, managers, and account representatives enables us to understand the nuances between account segments and quickly resolve account balances. We strive to deliver collections solutions with unrivaled quality and efficiency.

The Creditors’ Perspective

We understand the perspective of creditors, and we work hard to provide consumers a compliant, empathetic, and positive experience while working with our company. The National Management Recovery team uses a mix of technology tools and customer service training to extend the creditor style relationship through the delinquency and charge-off recovery stages.

Audit Preparedness and Reviews

As a professional debt collection company, NMRC stands ready for client and creditor audits. We leverage advanced audit management software to assist with the review process and we frequently review our policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the most stringent standards.

Account Product Expertise

Our team has proficiency with specific types of debt products. We have far-reaching product expertise and specialize in:

  • Credit Card
  • Retail
  • Consumer Loans
  • Bad Checks
  • Landlord Receivables
  • Property Management
  • Medical
  • Deficiency Accounts

Using Data to Drive Decision Making

National Management Recovery Corporation uses effective debt collection software tools to control collection efforts and ensure compliance with regulatory and client-specific requirements. Our highly structured and closely monitored systems control the frequency of collection activity while data matrices drive account representative queues to maximize productivity, optimize collections efficiency, and enhance consumer experiences.

Nationally Licensed Debt Collectors

NMRC is a nationally licensed debt collection agency that represents creditors in the resolution of outstanding consumer accounts. We provide professional debt collection services to creditors across the country. This means that when a consumer moves across state lines, we can ensure the continued collection process, regardless of a consumers’ location.